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Two of Everything (or At Least Some Things)
You want to share everything with your partner: your heart, your hopes and dreams, your ham and cheese sandwich. Of course you do. But just because you love each other doesn't mean you are suddenly the same person, or compatible in every single way possible. Two bathrooms (or, if that's not possible, two sinks) can save your sanity. His slobbiness is much less likely to become an issue if it's contained to his own closet, and your color-coded wardrobe gets to cloister itself in an entirely separate space. Maybe split-sheet bedding or a "couples comforter" will prevent accusations of blanket-hogging—and enable you to get enough sleep so that you're not cranky with each other. If it's between doing something the conventional way and doing something in a way that makes you not want to wring each others' necks, I'm going to vote for the not-neck-wringing every time.

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