Dr. Berman explains the female orgasm.

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When Debra and Tom got home from their surrender date, Debra says she was able to orgasm using a vibrator. "I was kind of surprised that stuff worked down there. I kind of thought it was dead down there," she says. "So I was a little overwhelmed by that. And just that whole sensation—it was just, like, wow."

"Deb's story is so common. Women don't realize they have a clitoris much less that it has more nerves than any other part of your body," Dr. Berman says.

Dr. Berman says there are three different types of female orgasms: clitoral, vaginal and blended. A clitoral orgasm occurs when the clitoris is stimulated. This stimulation causes pleasurable muscle contractions. Clitoral is the most common type of orgasm and the easiest to achieve, but Dr. Berman says it can be difficult to have a clitoral orgasm during intercourse. "It depends on the position," she says.

A vaginal orgasm is usually achieved through stimulation to the G-spot, a small area of tissue inside the vagina. "Women who have both kinds of orgasms will say that vaginal orgasms will feel more intense because you're having uterine and pelvic floor contractions," Dr. Berman says.

A blended orgasm is a combination of clitoral and vaginal orgasm, and Dr. Berman says it is usually the most pleasurable. "Listen, an orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm," Dr. Berman says. "But blended is a Holy Grail, a nice thing to go for. ... It's more intense."