Caring for Your Pet in a New Place

Once you arrive at your destination, here are some other tips for enjoying your stay with your pet.
  • Try not to leave pets alone in your hotel room, even if the hotel allows it. No, they won't make a long distance call home that will show up on your bill. But if your pet gets nervous and agitated and starts to bark or cry, a well-meaning hotel staffer may enter the room to offer comfort. An open door could give your pet the opportunity to escape. If you do need to leave your pet unattended, most cities have doggy daycare services to watch over pets. Ask the hotel to help you locate one.
  • Never leave any pet unattended in a car, even for a short time. If you think it's safe because your car is in the shade, think again. Shade is only temporary! Plus, someone might break into your car to steal something—even your pet. No amount of unsupervised time in the car is ever safe.
  • Research the location of emergency vet clinics in your destination city before you leave for your trip and bring the information with you in an easily accessible place such as your carry-on luggage.
  • Travel with a copy of your pet's vaccination records. Some daycare services and emergency medical care require that information.
  • During car trips, make sure your pet is properly restrained in a carrier or with a harness.
Bon voyage! And we wish you and your pet a safe return.

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