Robin says Mike's inability to take responsibility for his actions has a negative effect on the way abused women are viewed. "It affects where they are in their healing process because it's so hard. Some women aren't believed," she says. "I know the pain that I've gone through. If I can lessen it, their time, then it'll make what I went through mean something."

In fact, Robin says she's now been asked if she considers herself an abuser. "I said, 'I cannot allow this man to do this to me, to now give me another title that doesn't belong to me," she says. "I didn't cause [the abuse]. And any woman out there going through this, you're not causing it. And we have to get the perpetrators to really own up to it."

Oprah thanks Robin again for her letter. "I hope you accept my apology. My apology to you and every other woman out there who's been abused," she says.

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