Q: Does the "window" mean the gluten-free, casein free diet won't help an older child?

JM:It could help at any age. It did wonders for me!!!!

Q: Have the makeup of vaccinations changed since the parents' generation received them as children?

JM: I'm not a vaccine expert, but there are many more vaccines in the pediatric schedule today than when our parents were growing up. When I look at the actual ingredients of the vaccines it scares me. Aluminum, ether, chicken embryo, human aborted fetal tissue, mercury, formaldehyde and more. Take a peek at Unlocking Autism's website:

Q: What does a doctor do in an evaluation to determine if a child has autism?

JM: I am not an evaluation expert, but there are certain types of doctors that specialize in these evaluations and they typically are not the average pediatricians. They are often PhD's who have years of experience in testing for the symptoms of autism based on certain criteria like language, social interaction, stereotypical behaviors and more.

Q: Thank you so much for being on the show and sharing your stories. I have an 18 month old son, and I have declined his MMR vaccine due to the autism link. My question is did your son play with their toys in the intended fashion (moving cars and making vroom noise!) before their vaccinations? Were they talking before? My son doesn't have any detectable words yet, but he does love playing with his toys. His pediatrician had me worried about his lack of speech, but other moms have told me this is normal.

JM: Evan lined up his toys a lot. He liked spinning objects and flapped his hands a lot. I'm so proud you followed your mommy instinct and held off on MMR. I would still get an evaluation done if any autism characteristics sound familiar. Speech delay alone is not a huge red flag but speech delay with loss of eye contact and other characteristics I've just mentioned are. Keep up with the great mommy instinct!

Q: Do you know of any ongoing campaigns to encourage the CDC or other organizations to take a closer look at the link between autism and vaccinations? Where can I get involved?

JM:There are several camps of organizations concerned about vaccines. Some are concerned about mercury like and and other that are concerned about the vaccines themselves like, to name a few.

Q: How well did your children adjust to the gluten-free, casein free diet?

JM: Because he could only eat the foods that I put in front of him I knew sooner or later he would eat. It was a struggle at first but let's face it, sooner or later they get REALLY hungry and they're gonna eat what you give them. You just need to be strong. Eventually he adjusted and now only prefers GFCF.

God bless and keep the questions coming! I will be here! …xo Jenny McCarthy
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