Q: Have you met with more resistance as your child gets better? How do you handle it when your child has made such improvements that people stop thinking its important to address the rest of the issues?

JM: I'm a little confused with this question but I will say this… As Evan recovered, people would tell me that he was misdiagnosed, which made me happy and pissed at the same time. Evan worked so hard to get where he is today and for anyone to knock that breaks my heart. Now just because he made great improvements does NOT mean I'm going to give up addressing any other issues that might be lingering around. Whenever there is resistance from anyone along my path, that are quickly removed from our healing circle. I always move forward and stay away from road blocks.

Q: Do you know of any websites or resources specifically geared towards fathers to help them learn to deal with their children with autism?

JM: I don't know of any resource specific to fathers supporting fathers but TALK ABOUT CURING AUTISM (TACA) is the best parent to parent support group that I know. TACA is an amazing resource to connect families together and to gain support through the recovery process. Having a support system of families who have been through what you are going through really helps you realize you are not alone. They are also a really great resource for GFCF diet.

I also know parents that have found a lot of information and comfort by going to conferences and meeting other families during their discovery of biomedical interventions for recovery of children with autism. There is a Defeat Autism Now! Conference coming up. This is the group that invented biomedical interventions for children with autism. Its a great place to network. There is one coming up in Oct and I will be speaking there. Go to

Q: Jenny, one thing you said was your son's body had too much candida. Do you think maybe yeast and something in the shots (like maybe the form of mercury in them) might interact with each other and cause autism?

JM: That's an amazing question. Quite often we hear the community say, "It's a combination of genetics and the environment." I didn't really think about autism as being an infection (fungal such as yeast, bacterial, viral) that might make children more susceptible to toxins in vaccines or toxins in the environment until I watched Stan Kurtz's recent USAAA presentation on I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking it. This is exactly where I stand.
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