Danielle was shocked to learn that Bowers had already lured her daughter to a motel room. "I just stopped and I was stunned and my heart sank," Danielle says. Kristin told her mom that after talking to Bowers for eight months, he flew in from Texas to California to see her. "She went with him in the night at 1 in the morning after we had gone to bed and went to a motel with him where he sexually attacked her. She was crying. She told me that she felt like he raped her."

While all this was happening, Danielle says she never knew. "Everything in a mother wants to protect and rescue their child. That's how we're made. And when something so awful happens, you just think, 'I didn't protect my child.'"

That day, Danielle says she called the police with Kristin's full cooperation. Danielle says Kristin told her, "I realize now that he used me...and he threw me away.'"


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