Valerie is one of three wives

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Valerie considers herself a typical soccer momexcept her husband has two other wives and a total of 22 children in the house. She is her husband's third wife and has eight children. By sharing her story, Valerie hopes to show a different side of the polygamist lifestyle. "My hope is to change some of those stereotypes, break the stereotypes that people havethat it's oppressive and abusive to women and children, that we're all living in these cults and being brainwashedI don't live like that. I live in just a little suburban neighborhood and my children go to public school. I feel like we have a very normal lifestyle."

At the same time, Valerie says that a plural family is not always easy. "It can be hard when a wife goes out the door with your husband," Valerie says. "We have had jealousies and there have been those times and we can't sugarcoat it and say that, 'Oh, it's so perfect and we love it and we love everyone.' You know, we all have our hard times just like any other people."