Lisa Ling and Carolyn Jessop

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Lisa says she observed stark differences between the two polygamist communities of Colorado City and Centennial Park. "Many of the people from Centennial Park are actually from Colorado City," she says. "But when the FLDS evolved, the folks from Centennial Park broke off. And they're actually a much more moderate and liberal people."

While Centennial Park seemed like an open community, Lisa says Colorado City felt very different. "We knew that we were being watched, obviously," she says. "People's houses had mirrored windows so people inside could see out, but you couldn't see in. It was just so surreal that this exists in the United States."

"When I left [Colorado City], it was like landing on another planet," Carolyn says. "I didn't even understand that there were basic human rights that I actually possessed as a woman. I was used to doing what I was told to do and you do not question."

Meanwhile in Centennial Park, Lisa says, "Richard has five flat screens in his house."