Pet Health with Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz isn't only interested in helping people maintain good health—he wants your furry friends to live long and healthy lives too. Find out what to look for in a veterinarian, which vaccines are vital and more.
Get the best care for your pet

Healthy Eats
Learn what to look for when reading pet food labels and find out which ingredients are the best for your loved one. Or, try cooking your own all-natural pet food!
Give your pet the best nutrition

Myth-conceptions About Cats 
The age-old label of "cat person" or "dog person" comes with built in perceptions about how each animal needs to be cared for and treated. What's true, and what's a stereotype?
5 common myths about cats

Get Fit with Your Dog
Before you and your dog hit the road for some calorie burning, make sure to consult with a veterinarian to keep your pup safe.
5 safety tips from Billy Rafferty

Animal Allergies
Is Fluffy the source of your itchy eyes and constant sneezing? Find out how to deal—without giving up your favorite friend.
4 ways to beat pet allergies

The Hazards of Puppy Love
Dogs. We share our hearts, our homes, and—admit it!—our beds with 74.8 million of the licking, squirming, panting balls of fur. But can kisses from Fido make you sick?
How to protect your health

Keep Your Dog At a Healthy Weight

Your dog can't read labels, so it relies on you to make smart choices for him.
Find the best food for your dog

Protecting your dog
Learn what you can do to keep your dog safe and sound and out of harm's way.
Learn how to dog-proof your home


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