Don't let nerves or self-doubt get in the way of a great first date. Matchmaker Patti Novak, star of A&E's Confessions of a Matchmaker, shares where to go, what to wear and what time to meet.

You'll be setting up a second date before dessert!

  • When setting up the first date, spend no more than five minutes on the phone. You want there to be an air of mystery, and you want to have a lot to talk about on the actual date.
  • Guys should make the initial call and suggest where to have the date. It shows initiative.
  • Early evenings are a great time for dates. Mornings remind us too much of work, and lunch is too informal. Early evenings allow you the opportunity, if you do like each other, to have more time together.
  • The best places to meet for a first date are public places. Restaurants are safe. Do not go to the movies or secluded, quiet places. Keep it as public as possible.
  • Stay away from bars and the club scene. There are too many people and too much activity. You may lose the focus of your date.
  • Also, stay away from bookstores. That is where you meet, not where you date.
  • A first date should never be a coffee date—it is the direct eye contact that makes women uncomfortable. Try a nice restaurant or take a walk and have a chat.
  • You have 10 seconds to make a first impression, so look your best.
  • When dressing for a first date, dress casual but nice.
  • Do not wear sneakers or sweats.
  • Less is better when it comes to jewelry, which goes for both men and women.
  • Make sure you carry breath mints.
  • Be yourself. Trying to hard to impress can end up leaving a bad impression on your date.
  • Show that you can be sexy, intelligent and beautiful all in the same breath. Do not be afraid to show all those traits. Show your sense of humor, smile and make great eye contact.
  • And, most importantly, be on time!
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