Don't rely on your great hair or new shoes to impress a date. Dazzle him or her with great conversation! Matchmaker Patti Novak outlines the topics to avoid. Plus, how to be a great listener. 

  • When you are on a date, you only have about 30 minutes to build some sort of emotional chemistry. Do not waste time having long conversations about your children, pets, crazy hobbies and interests or past relationships—a definite do not.
  • Make sure conversation is not all about you. Ask questions. Make sure you are listening when they are answering. Make sure you ask questions as much as you answer them. Remember, the art of communication comes in two forms, listening and talking.
  • Stay away from politics and religion. These subjects are too intense for a first date. If it comes up during the date, change the subject. Try to keep conversation light and fun.
  • For the single men, turn offs for women are bragging about your career, toys and especially other women. A woman also likes a man that can be sensitive. Show a bit of your softer side.
  • Do not talk about your sex life...past, present or what you would like in the future. Leave it in the bedroom where it belongs.
  • Do not use an excessive amount of foul language on a first date. It's a huge turn off.
  • Do not talk about tough family wounds, history or sadness.
  • Do not talk about medications you are taking. That is your private business.
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