College can be one of the most exhilarating, fulfilling and challenging times of a person's life. Do your homework now and get tips, stories and advice to help your favorite student make the most of the next four years.

Matters of the Heart

A Letter to My Daughter
A financial writer imparts some wisdom to his daughter.
Keeping the Connection
Treat your children with a gift that will remind them of home—and you.
How to Feel Confident
Find out how women can tone down the self-criticism.
Learning to Let Go
Dealing with the dreaded empty nest syndrome
Care Package Ideas
Surprise your favorite student with a treat from home.
College 101: A Parent's Guide
Daphne Oz's tips for sending your kids off to school.

College Life Prep

Dorm Room Decorating Tips
Nate Berkus shares seven ways to take a dorm room from drab to fab.
Supply List PDF
Download our essential college supplies list to make sure they're ready for life on their own.

Beauty Bonus
Gizmos that really work!
Get Ready Fast
50 ways to speed up your beauty routine.
Drugstore Finds
Great makeup for less money.

Budget Buys

Fall Fun
Pick-me-ups for under $100.
To Dye For
Color your own hair at home.
Dermatologist Picks
Cheap cleansers and moisturizers that work.

Money Matters

How to Pay for College
Suze Orman has some things you should consider to help pay for your kids' education.
Quiz: Ready to Start Saving for College?
Five simple questions to check your savings IQ

Credit Card Help
Get your kids credit-smart before they head off to college.
Budget Help for Students
Our worksheets, quizzes and calculators allow your student to budget his money.
Landing a Job
Get tips for how your college student can land her first job.
$10 Flights Home and More
25 ways to save a bundle.


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