Say no to sugar
Our culture tells us to mourn being single or rejoice in our couplehood by gobbling half a pound of fudge. But while I'd love to find that special someone, I'm not going to drown my emotions in chocolate; instead I'll go out with my girlfriends and swap awkward-first-date stories.

Donate to victims of domestic violence
There is a dark side to love, and it leaves too many women and children in dire straits. That's why I collect little shampoos when I stay in hotels and drop them off regularly at a shelter.

Wear red
Usually I stick to grays, but come February I like to paint the town you-know-what. This power color makes me feel like a woman not to be messed with—and people interpret it as festive!

Grow your own roses
Most flowers are sprayed with toxic pesticides, then flown thousands of miles, only to die in days. The rosebushes in my garden have no environmental footprint—and sprout buds well into November.

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