During the car ride home, I silently revisited the deep conversations Jon and I had had before ever setting foot in that doctor's office. We had analyzed the what-if's: What if it was twins? Well, we thought, we did it once; it was certainly doable again. It would mean our family would be definitely complete, doubly blessed. I put a check on the yes side of my mental list.

What if it was triplets? Hmmm. That got a bit tougher. However, as we thought over practical things, like enough room in the house and finances, we decided that although it would certainly be more than we planned, we wanted children, loved children, and would willingly and gratefully accept whatever God handed us. So after a thorough heart search, check again.

That brought us to quads. We tentatively tiptoed into this territory, as if by being quiet enough, we might avoid waking the sleeping giant. Was it really worth dissecting every aspect of this unlikely "giant" if the reality was that we had almost a better chance of being struck by lightning?

© 2008 by Katie Irene Gosselin and Beth Ann Carson.


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