My first cycle was all that I had remembered—painful injections to help me ovulate, consequent hormonal upheaval, frequent doctor visits, and finally, ultrasounds. I kept my eye on the goal, withstanding it all in the hopes of once again being blessed with the good fortune of holding the much-awaited prize.

To take my mind off some of this all-consuming process, I decided that it would be the ideal time to treat Mady and Cara, who were soon to turn three, to every little girl's dream: Disney World. As with every project I take on, I became obsessed with our family vacation being one of those memories to last a lifetime. With great gusto, I researched every single thing that Disney offered, from sharing breakfast with Cinderella in her exquisite castle to the best time of day to go on the Dumbo ride. Our trip would culminate with a relaxing visit to Jon's aunt and uncle's quaint and quiet cottage for a much-needed detox period from a certain merry mouse and all his inherent chaos.

Jon couldn't grasp my urgency in taking a vacation during such a potentially volatile time on our journey to get pregnant. I, on the other hand, had high hopes of our lives becoming considerably busier in the upcoming year. I felt as if I desperately needed to give this important gift to our curious giggly girls, because, after all, it could be years before we might have the chance to take such a vacation after another baby arrived.

© 2008 by Katie Irene Gosselin and Beth Ann Carson.


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