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Q: I am a mother of one. That's right, my husband and I have the dreaded "only child." Cole, our son, is 3. I am amazed at how many people ask when are we going to give him a brother or sister and suggest we are doing him harm by not having other children. The truth is that I was unable to carry another child. Miscarriages are more heartbreaking than people realize. So yes, I have an "only" child. He's my kid, and I consider him a gift from God. And really, is it anyone's business why we don't have more than one child? And while I'm venting, what's with the people who don't think my days are exhausting because I have one child at home? I have actually heard, "Oh, you should have two or three running around." Like that matters? Sure, the volume might be a little louder, but my days are filled with "Play with me, Mommy," "I'm hungry" and "Where are we going today?" just like every other mom's. Are there any other frustrated mothers of one out there? I'm a proud mother of one.

Daphne: It's very weird when people innocently pry like that. When I had my one, I sometimes said, "Why, are you going to pay for college?" I have a friend who says, "I'm going for quality, not quantity." Come up with pithy retorts of your own, perhaps. "Sorry, just trying to spare the planet," or "I thought we lived in China? They own most of our debt, so we might as well." And if you have some multiple birther try who tries to act all mother superior, go the other way. "That would be a drag. Oh! Sorry! Gotta run! I'm late for my facial!" 

Does motherhood mean you're only a Mom?


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