Danielle's daughter Kristin was 14 years old when she received her first computer. As a self-described overprotective mom, Danielle laid down some rules: No social networking sites or chats with strangers.

The rules didn't stop Kristin from beginning an online relationship with 27-year-old Kylie Ryan Bowers, who lured her to a motel room to have sex with her.

Kristin became clinically depressed and took her own life at the age of 16. Since her death, Danielle has made it her mission to help other parents keep their children safe on the Internet.

Get the tips Danielle wants every parent to know: 
It can happen to anyone
Learn the technology 
Don't let your children be naive
1. It can happen to anyone.

Predators are experts at luring children—even smart, good-natured children like Kristin. "A grown man knows what he's doing," Danielle says. "And a young girl...all she believes in is love. There's an enormous difference there, and a grown man who's a predator knows exactly what to do and say to entice a precious young female that's emotionally vulnerable."

2. Learn the technology.

Along with buying safety software to restrict your child from potentially dangerous areas of the Internet, Danielle says to keep the computer where you can monitor it. "I would say to parents definitely do not put the computer in the bedroom. Have it in the main part of the house."

3. Don't let your children be naïve.

Share these cautionary stories so they know what to look out for. "Talk to your children," Danielle says. "Tell them about what happened to me and my child. That's powerful."

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