Unlike most sex addicts, rock drummer Phil Varone says he had a happy childhood and supportive parents. Then, as an adult, Phil found himself incapable of holding on to a relationship. "I just can't have a relationship because I'm so like addicted to a woman's body," he said. "I have to have them."

Over the years, Phil estimates that he's had sex with more than 3,000 women, and yet he's afraid of dying alone. "I refer to my alter ego as Hans because he was the rock star. He was the guy who came into the room, you know, pointed a finger and got any woman he wanted," he says. "Phil went to the hotel room alone and just cried on a bed."

When Phil completed Dr. Drew's rehab program six months ago, he says he was scared and confused at first, but now he's starting to care about someone besides himself. "I'm really even more sorry for my old relationships," he says. "The ones that I really hurt are the ones that I truly feel bad about."


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