To bring this taboo topic out of the shadows, Dr. Drew and a team of addiction specialists work with self-confessed sex addicts on the VH1 reality series Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Cameras follow along as men and women go through an intense detox program and address intimacy issues.

On day one, the participants are given a set of ground rules: no porn, no sex toys, no touching, no masturbation and absolutely no sex.

Amber Smith, a former Sports Illustrated swimwear model, sought help to get over an unhealthy obsession with men. After beating a drug addiction, Amber says she became intent on meeting men. "I wake up every day, and I go boy hunting to get a hit of the guy," she said. "I feel like I'm falling apart. This is a thousand times more fearful than drug rehab."

Dr. Drew says Amber struggles with another form of sex addiction—love addiction. "In love addiction that experience of: 'Oh my God, I'm in love. ... I feel whole, and I feel like I've known this person forever.' That is a feeling that you have to have all the time," he says. "You become addicted to it."


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