When you hear the term "sex addict," family therapist Jill Vermeire says you may think of a nymphomaniac, slut, whore or pervert...but this disease affects all kinds of people. "In reality, it can be a mom, a dad, a lawyer, a doctor, a priest, the guy at the grocery store," she says. "It could be anybody."

Many sex addicts do have one thing in common. Dr. Drew says 80 to 90 percent suffered trauma as children. "If you have a history of trauma, particularly sexual trauma, in childhood, you want to look very carefully at this behavior," he says.

In fact, Dr. Drew says these terrorizing experiences can influence who you're drawn to as an adult. "The people and places that cause terror in childhood cause attraction in adulthood," he says. "We end up being repetitively attracted to the same kind of person that obliges us by acting out the same behavior over again."


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