Matt and Maddy survived the tragedy, and Matt used the blog he'd created to document Liz's pregnancy as an outlet for his grief. "If I write it, I can get it off my chest," he says.

After Liz's death, tens of thousand of people started reading Matt's blog. The outpouring of support—including notes, money and toys—from the online community shocked him. "To have total strangers giving us stuff and wanting to make sure we're okay all the time was just incredible," he says.
Matt says he's determined to give back as much as he's been given. "We've donated all of the clothes that no longer fit and the toys that we couldn't use," he says. "We've been given a lot of money as well, and we've tried to give that away as much as we can." Matt has also established the Liz Logelin Foundation, which helps widows and widowers with children. 

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