Rena says her brother groomed her by making her feel special. He would take her on vacations and pick her up from school on his motorcycle. With no father figure at home, Rena says she craved his attention and became brainwashed. "You're held captive," she says. "You don't want to disappoint them because you love them. You don't want it to happen anymore, but you don't want to disappoint them."

Rena says she began doing drugs at 13 with her brother who was by then married and living in his own house. One year later, the relationship became more physical. "The sex started at 14, and right after that, he started giving me money. Bought me a car that my mother wouldn't let me keep—a pink Cadillac. And he said that he could get me into modeling, and he would have me pose on his motorcycles."

At 16, Rena became pregnant. "My brother insisted that he go with my mother to the doctor. I was to get an abortion," she says. "He was teasing me and taunting me. And the reason he wanted to make sure I got the abortion is because he thought it was his and not my boyfriend's. And I had no idea."


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