Looking back, Kathryn says she now sees how easily manipulated she was. "I think that there were many hard lessons that I learned at that time. I was always the good girl who really wanted to please other people, and I found out just exactly how far down you can go," she says. "The major thing was that I had seen him so few times—just twice that I remember —[and] I invented a father who didn't exist. ... My idea of him was so powerful that I didn't really notice who he really was."

Kathryn is now estranged from her father and did not contact him when she published The Kiss. "It's not about outing him. It's really about trying to figure out what happened with me," she says. The Oprah Winfrey Show tried to reach Kathryn's father for comment, but phone calls went unanswered and he refused delivery of a letter.

Today, Kathryn is married with three children. Although she says she still loves her father, Kathryn vows to never see him again. "I was totally willing to sort of move on and forgive him. I said: 'Well, maybe we could fake it. Sort of act like regular father and daughter. We've never done that before,'" she says. "He just said, 'Don't you know who I am? ' And I said, 'Yes.' And he just waited. I said, 'It's all or nothing.' And he said, 'Right.' And I said, 'Well, I have to choose nothing.' That was the last time I spoke with my father."

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