Months after that kiss, Kathryn travels to the Grand Canyon with her father. There, he asked her a question that gave her chills—would she "make love" to him? "'What are you afraid of?' he asks. I'm afraid that whatever he wants, I will give him," she writes in The Kiss. "It's only a matter of time."

Because she was afraid of losing her father's love, Kathryn says the relationship progressed. The first time they had sex was at his mother's house. "It was in the guest room, and she didn't like my family. I'd never seen her before, and she didn't like me very much," she says. "I knew that there wasn't any way that I could call out and anybody would help me."

As the relationship continued, Kathryn says her father became more controlling. "He said: 'It's too late for you. You've made your choice. You've had sex with me, and no man will ever have you. You won't be able to keep the secret, and you'll always be alone,'" she says. "And I believed him."

The deaths of her grandfather and mother finally prompted Kathryn to end the relationship. "I started seeing a psychiatrist because I was suicidal," she says. "There was no way that I could conceive of escaping from my father other than killing myself."


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