Knock Out! Smart Panties

Photo: Courtesy of Knock out!

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Slip into Something More Comfortably Absorbent
If sexy underwear is doing its job and fulfilling its promise, then we figure that the less time it spends on our bodies, the better. But wearing undergarments that are too constricting, too thin or made from synthetic fabrics for extended periods of time can lead to discomfort, irritation and infection. These Knock out! Smart Panties are different. They look like your favorite Saturday-night lingerie, but they have a lightly padded all-cotton liner that wicks moisture away from your skin and features patented odor-absorbing molecules (this design recently won an award from Harvard Business School—seriously!). They were created to address light sweating, spotting and minor leaks that can happen in the course of a woman's typical day, and they'll keep you feeling ready for any time.