They were a "Ken and Barbie" couple—seemingly perfect to friends and family. When Barbra met her future husband, Michael Mastromarino, she says she fell deeply in love with him and thought of him as her soul mate. "It was almost like a dream," she says. "He was just this perfect guy."

After they were married, Michael, a successful oral surgeon, and Barbra settled into a big home in the suburbs of Manhattan and had two children.

Barbra seemed to have it all, but over time, her husband's perfect façade began to crack. "I found out he had a drug problem when his office called me and told me that he was passed out on the floor," she says. "He had a syringe in his arm."

Michael's struggle with drug addiction eventually cost him his medical license, but as Barbra soon realized, he was hiding more than drugs from her.

One summer night in 2000, Michael never came home. At around midnight, Barbra says she loaded her sons in the car and went looking for him. "I came upon flashing lights, and I saw Michael standing there with a policeman on each side of him," she says. "I started yelling, 'Michael, Michael!'"

Suddenly, Barbra realized Michael wasn't in the car alone. He was with another woman. "When I first found out that he had cheated on me, I didn't want to believe it," she says. "I was shattered."

Little did Barbra know, the worst was yet to come.


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