Dr. Berman's next question is more direct—how long do Courtney and Pierce plan to stay together? "Hopefully a long time," Pierce says.

So how long is a long time? "Six months to a year," he says.

Dr. Berman then asks Courtney if she would still want her first time to be with Pierce. "Well, I think if he limited our relationship to only being six months, I don't think so," she says. "I thought a long time [was] not having an expiration date."

Many girls Courtney's age feel the same, Dr. Berman says. "When you feel this much love and this much connection, you are imagining forever," she says.

That's why Dr. Berman says this is an important talk for teens in serious relationships to have. "Before you have sex, have a really clear conversation about what's going to happen the next day. What's going to happen a week from now? What's going to happen a month from now?"


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