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Coffee and Cocktails, Our Daily Bookends
Our morning tradition starts with the daily agenda, over coffee, in mugs we have collected from our travels. When my husband leaves town, he always brings one of our mugs with him. Thanks to Skype, we can continue this tradition across the globe; if the time zone difference is really wide, it might mean he's drinking a glass of wine while we're drinking coffee, but it still counts. Our 3-year-old Ava wants coffee, too—not gonna happen—so I brew her the herb coffee or tea I drank when I was pregnant.

Cocktail hour is the evening debrief. We tell the story of our day—laugh, vent, chase each other around the kitchen, cook dinner. Again, if one of us is away, we can still connect on Skype, glass of wine (tea, lemonade, whatever) in hand! Sounds simple...and it is. But we start and end our day together, morning and night, always engaged, and that's the key.