Sex 101

Make 2009 the year of the bedroom! See how Dr. Laura Berman helped this couple heat up their relationship, then try her advice at home.

Foreplay Map Follow-Up
After 28 years of marriage, Karyn and Jerry tried Dr. Berman's foreplay map exercise at home. See what a difference it made!

5 Steps to Better Sex
Put the passion back into your relationship with Dr. Berman's five-step action plan.

Assess Yourself
Wish you liked sex more? Feel like your sex drive has diminished? There's hope! Take Dr. Berman's sex quizzes—for females and males— to see what might be causing the problem.

The Doctor Is In
Dr. Berman addresses your questions—and nothing's off-limits!

Real Sex for Real Women
Read an excerpt from Dr. Berman's latest book.


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