How hard is it for a man to be monogamous?

Not that difficult. Listen, cheating harms your marriage, your wife, your children, and your family. Does a man need more motivation than that?

When a man is having sex with a woman, what is he likely to be thinking about?

He's like a pilot landing a plane, absolutely completely zeroed in. And what's going through his head is: Oh my God, she's having sex with me.

What are guys insecure about?

Am I good enough? Am I big enough? Am I doing this right? Is she really into it? Men are also confused because women's sexual responses are so extremely varied.

Do guys exchange notes in the locker room?

They talk a little among themselves, but typically a guy will work things out on his own with one relationship and then apply what he learns to everybody else. Then he's bewildered when his technique doesn't work.

Are men threatened by female sexuality?

If a woman comes on to a guy, he could not be happier. Period, end of story. Now, when it's over, he's going to go, "I wonder if she does that with other guys." And that's where he gets threatened.

What's the one thing men don't want women to find out about them, ever?

Most men could not admit this, but it's how much they need women. They don't want you to know that having the power of "yes" or "no" means you hold all the cards.

Okay, switching gears: I'm going to say a word or phrase, and you tell me how much of a turn-on it is for men, from 1 to 10. The first is making a woman orgasm.

That's an absolute 10 for some men and a 3 for others. But on average it's about an 8 or 9. It's important.

A woman talking dirty?

For some guys that's a 10, but the overall rating: about a 4.

A fit body? A woman who works out?

That's an 8.

Next, let's do the same thing with turnoffs: 1 to 10, 10 being the biggest turnoff. A woman who doesn't feel good about her body?

That's up there in the turnoff category: 7 or 8.

Breast implants?

For most guys about a 7, though there are some who are into them.

Request for more intimacy in the relationship?

Say that again?

How can a woman—

Intimacy, sex, huh? I'm responding like a typical male.

Yeah, right. And you're not exactly in your 20s. I just have one more question. How do you like your pizza?

A good thick sauce, occasionally some mushrooms, and regular crust—emphasis on the regular.

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