It's Your Choice
As Aristotle said, "Virtue is a character concerned with choice." And so it's always your choice:

1. You can be cold, hurtful and stonewall in the immediate gratification moment—and cash in on the low-level pleasure this brings.

2. Or, you can tap into the "virtue of discipline" and speak up warmly because you recognize soul-nurturing love is everyone's main source for true happiness—not the satisfaction of being right in the moment!

To sum it up: If you want to live happily ever after in love, it is absolutely essential you put in the "virtue of discipline."

Here are the top two essential traits for true love from my book Prince Harming Syndrome:

  • You and your partner must want to grow.
  • You and your partner must understand that a relationship is not simply a den of pleasure. It is also a laboratory for growth a place where you learn to harness the "virtue of discipline" to become highest potential.
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