Jessica, Amy and Mollie

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Time alone will not heal anything, Gary says. "We think that just because it's nine years later, it's done. You know, [Jessica, Amy and Mollie] never really had any closure," Gary says. "If you don't have an explanation, if things just break apart and everybody goes their separate ways, that moment gets frozen in time. ... We've never had an opportunity to look at it, and everybody's twisting their heads around wondering what the heck happened."

When the three sisters begin talking to Gary, their pain is still raw. "Dad was always the head of the family, and then I guess when he left, it kind of felt like he didn't care if we worked it out or not," Mollie says.

"Mom was so upset through the whole thing. She stayed in her room a lot and, emotionally, I didn't think my mom was there," Amy says. "And physically, my dad wasn't there."

"I wanted to fix everyone and fix everything, and I couldn't," Jessica says. "And trying to stay strong for my parents and trying to stay strong for my sisters, but really being a mess myself."