Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete

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For the past 12 years, Oprah's cameras have documented many milestone moments for one celebrity couple—actress Holly Robinson Peete and retired NFL quarterback Rodney Peete. From Rodney's public proposal to the birth of their twins, viewers have watched this famous family grow.

Unlike the stars who break up in the blink of an eye, Holly and Rodney have been together for more than a decade. To commemorate their 10th year of marriage, Holly and Rodney renewed their vows in Las Vegas with 70 friends and family. All four of their children participated in the ceremony.

"We were proud," Rodney says. "Where we live in Hollywood and L.A., people are breaking up left and right. For us to be together for 10 years we were, like, 'Let's celebrate that.'"

Over the years, marriage has taught Rodney to be a better communicator. "We have to understand where the women are coming from," he says. "We have to express our feelings and not just run out the door and just keep everything inside. ... She's my best friend, so who else better to talk to about [things] than my best friend?"