Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's 2008 Bahamas wedding was a dreamy affair, but it was really a dream come true for the groom. "People [always] asked me who my celebrity crush was—Mariah Carey. They didn't even think I could meet her," he says. "But then one day backstage at the Teen Choice Awards ... she was like, 'I heard all that nice stuff you've been saying about me.' I said, 'Give me a chance.'"

Mariah says Nick's proposal was "the best." When Mariah made history for having the most number one hits, the Empire State Building was lit in her favorite color to celebrate. Nick seized the moment. "I was like, 'Okay, we need to celebrate that on the roof at the apartment,' so I had all these pink yet lavender balloons," he says.

A self-confessed "candy crackhead," Nick also made sure there were plenty of pink and lavender lollipops on hand. "I opened up a Ring Pop first ... and then I give her one, and she was like, 'It feels like mine is broken,'" he says. "I was just like: 'Let's just open it. It's a festive moment.' And she opened it and her ring was in there."

Nick couldn't be happier she said yes. "I always say I spoke it into existence. The power of faith," he says. "I wake up feeling like the luckiest, most blessed man every morning."

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their twins

Photo: People magazine

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood's hottest leading men, says there's a side to his leading lady, Oscar®-winning actress Angelina Jolie, that isn't shown in magazines and movies.

"Usually when Angie's shot [for a magazine] she's seen as a femme fatale, and she does that very well. But she also has the biggest heart and just inexhaustible spirit and sweetness and goodness," he says. "She's an inexhaustible mother and great grace and the real glue of the family."
Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Although actress Nicole Kidman grew up in Sydney, Australia, she's made Nashville her home in recent years with her country music superstar husband, Keith Urban. And the couple's home is growing—Nicole recently gave birth to a baby girl named Sunday Rose, giving her two adopted children, Bella and Connor, a new sister!

Nicole says she loves being married. "I'm the marrying kind. I like to be married," she says. "Really, for me, I feel safe and I feel protected. I like to have my man that I focus on."
Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley
Katherine Heigl, one of the stars of television's Grey's Anatomy and movies like 27 Dresses, married her real-life leading man, singer Josh Kelley, on December 23, 2007.

"He's a phenomenal, phenomenal man. I've never met a man like him, and I don't know if I ever will again, " she says. "He's unbelievably fun, he loves everybody and everybody loves him. He is charming beyond belief, he is sexy and talented. But he's so kind and he's so compassionate. He's so easy with me—and I'm not perfect."
Seal and Heidi Klum

Seal and Heidi Klum
Supermodel Heidi Klum and Grammy-winning musician Seal may seem like an unlikely couple—they're different nationalities, races and professions—but, as the saying goes, opposites attract.

"We are different, but then I think that we're so different in many ways that it makes us so compatible," Seal says. "We're polar opposites, if you like."

Heidi says she fell for Seal the moment they met...and it didn't hurt that he was wearing form-fitting bicycle shorts at the time. "I was physically, straightaway attracted to him, and then we got talking, and I was like, 'Wow, he's such a warm and charming man,'" she says.

After a romantic proposal on a Canadian mountaintop, the pair said "I do" on a beach in Mexico in 2005. This was their first wedding, but it wasn't their last! Every year on their anniversary, Seal and Heidi get married all over again.

"We do the ceremony again every year," Seal says. "It just keeps you focused. It reminds you why you got married—not that we need any reminding."
Amy Grant and Vince Gill

Amy Grant and Vince Gill
Grammy winners Amy Grant and Vince Gill met while working on a Christmas special in 1993 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From the beginning, Amy says she was glad she met Vince. "I went, 'I know you. I know how you're wired,'" Amy says. "I think all of us, really, whether it's through a best friend or a sister, you want to feel like, 'I am made out of the same cloth.'"

Amy impressed Vince so much that he wrote the song called "All About a Smile" in her honor. "I thought when I walked away that I'd just seen the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen in my life," he says.

When they met, both Amy and Vince were married to other people. Years later, after both of their marriages ended, they reconnected. In 2000, the couple married in Tennessee. "I was glad he was in the world, and now I'm glad I wake up with him," Amy says. "That's how I feel."
Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete

Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete
For the past 12 years, Oprah's cameras have documented many milestone moments for one celebrity couple—actress Holly Robinson Peete and retired NFL quarterback Rodney Peete. From Rodney's public proposal to the birth of their twins, viewers have watched this famous family grow.

Unlike the stars who break up in the blink of an eye, Holly and Rodney have been together for more than a decade. To commemorate their 10th year of marriage, Holly and Rodney renewed their vows in Las Vegas with 70 friends and family. All four of their children participated in the ceremony.

"We were proud," Rodney says. "Where we live in Hollywood and L.A., people are breaking up left and right. For us to be together for 10 years, we were, like, 'Let's celebrate that.'"

Over the years, marriage has taught Rodney to be a better communicator. "We have to understand where the women are coming from," he says. "We have to express our feelings and not just run out the door and just keep everything inside. ... She's my best friend, so who else better to talk to about [things] than my best friend?"
Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder
Actress Julia Roberts and her husband, cameraman Danny Moder, married in 2002 at a Fourth of July party that turned into a surprise wedding. On The Oprah Show, Julia said they're more in love today than ever.

"I just love him to bits," she said. "He's just a great human being. And to see him now as a father—that is the greatest thrill of my life, is watching him be a father to my children."

In fact, Danny is the biggest thing Julia said she has in common with her oldest son, Phinnaeus. "He is as in love with Danny as I am. So Danny walks in the house, and we're pushing each other out of the way to get to him first," Julia said. "I love to have someone on the planet who understands how I feel when Danny walks in the door."

Since marrying Danny, Julia says she's come into her own. "He gave me that freedom and that confidence and that support to just do it right."
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
In 2007, Sex & the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby, Matthew Broderick, celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary. "It's amazing," she says. "I actually didn't realize it was 10 ... but he was the one that reminded me."

So what did they do to celebrate? Shortly before the big day, Sarah Jessica predicted that they'd probably cook dinner and spend a better part of the evening with their son, James Wilke.

One thing she said they wouldn't do is exchange gifts, because Sarah Jessica said there's nothing either of them need...but there was one thing she'd wanted. "I would love a note," she said. "Because a note, I'll have it forever."
Grant Hill and Tamia

Grant Hill and Tamia
When NBA all-star Grant Hill married Tamia, a Grammy-nominated R&B singer, in 1999, the couple looked forward to years of health and happiness. Little did they know, their promise to stand together in sickness and in health would be put to the test shortly after saying "I do."

After years of playing basketball, Grant suffered an ankle injury that almost cost him his career...and his life. In 2003, Grant developed a serious staph infection after undergoing an ankle operation. The infection nearly killed him.

Just when the Hills thought the tough times were behind them, Tamia received a frightening diagnosis of her own. After just four years of marriage, she learned she had multiple sclerosis, a chronic disease of the central nervous system. Tamia says she found comfort in knowing that Grant was by her side during this difficult time. "It's good to have a fighter on your side," she says.

Grant and Tamia have learned to lean on each other when times are tough and celebrate the little things in life, including their two little girls, Myla and Lael. "I think it's the everyday things we love about each other," Tamia says.
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
During country star Faith Hill's first appearance on The Oprah Show, she said that she believes her life truly began when she met her husband, Tim McGraw. In 1996, Tim asked Faith to be the opening act for his Spontaneous Combustion tour, and the minute wheels started rolling, sparks flew, and the couple got married that year.

"He felt like home, you know?" Faith said. "He felt just like a great old T-shirt that [you] just never wanted to take off. You know that feeling ... I couldn't stay away from him. I couldn't stop staring at him, and I [still] can't stop staring at him."

When Faith and Tim are apart, she said she only sleeps in his white T-shirts to feel closer to him and smell him.
Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance

Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance
Hollywood couple Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance have been married for 10 years, but it took decades—and one really bad date—before they realized they might be soul mates.

Courtney and Angela first crossed paths more than 20 years ago while attending graduate school at Yale University. She noticed the "alluring" Courtney, but he didn't remember Angela at all. After running into Courtney in 1994, the Oscar®-nominated actress got his attention and a date. "Dare I say, it wasn't memorable," Angela says. "He just seemed like a really, really nice guy, which translated [to] 'kind of boring.'"

But after a second date at the driving range, something clicked. Angela says she felt like a teenager after their first kiss, complete with "pinpricks and chills."

One year after that life-changing first kiss, Courtney and Angela married. The couple says their marriage is strong because they keep "God in the middle." Angela even had "GOD" inscribed on her wedding band. "I can only rely on his strength," Angela says. "I'll attempt to see [Courtney] even in those moments that aren't perfect, perhaps in a small way, the way God sees him."
Stevie Wonder and Kai Milla

Stevie Wonder and Kai Milla
Married seven years, music legend Stevie Wonder and his fashion designer wife, Kai Milla, have two powerhouse careers, eight children between them...and the stamina to handle it all!

"God blessed us to find love with each other and to have two wonderful children," Stevie says. "And God blessed her to have this talent of design."

Life can get chaotic, but Kai says she and Stevie always find time for each other. "Steve and I have very similar schedules," she says. "When we have some time within our schedule, he will call me and say, 'I'm on my way home. What are we having for dinner?' Or I will go see him—we find the time. We find the time because we love each other."
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are two of country music's biggest stars today, but their story began in 1988 when Trisha was hired to sing backup on Garth's debut album. The two then-struggling musicians became instant friends. A few years later, once Garth hit it big, Trisha joined him on the road as his opening act.

Over the years, Garth and Trisha continued to perform together and support one another through personal highs and lows, including Garth's divorce. In 2001, their friendship blossomed into a real-life love song. After being friends for nearly 20 years, Garth surprised Trisha in May 2005 with a marriage proposal.

In February 2006, Garth told Oprah how it feels to call Trisha his wife. "It feels great," he said. "It's still new to say, 'This is my wife, Trisha Yearwood.' ... It's nice. It's neat to get to marry your best friend."