The craziest thing is that Terry's career with En Vogue has taken her around the world for 20 years performing in stadiums and she has met everyone in the business. But she is completely unfazed. In fact, she is shy, but you'd never know it by watching her onstage! My kids recently saw "Auntie Terry" perform at our annual HollyRod fundraiser and had their mouths open the whole time! After the show, my youngest said, "Can we go meet that pretty lady?" He didn't know who that was up there! The Auntie Terry they know wears sweats and a ponytail, snuggles and sings to them when they go to sleep—all the singin', booty shakin' and lashes threw him off!

My Terry is the consistent real deal: from being there through loser boyfriends to being the bridesmaid in my wedding to the keeper husband (he passed her test), from guiding me out of the darkness of my father's death to helping me bring four children into this world, from sticking by my side when others didn't after "the world's worst day" (my son's autism diagnosis) to performing for my autism charity…

I just count my Terry blessings every day.

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