Time for homework


After a summer packed with evening activities and outdoor fun, getting back in the habit of doing homework can be a difficult transition—for kids and parents. Finding time to do homework is another challenge all together! Use these ideas to finagle room in your schedule—and help your kids focus on the subject at hand.
Turn off the TV


Turn Off the Tube

Keep the TV off! TV is noisy and distracting—especially when your child needs to focus on their multiplication tables. Instead, try putting on relaxing or fun music to establish a mood that encourages concentration—and TiVo the news for later.
Cook dinner in a flash


Cook Faster

To make sure you have enough time for homework, prep dinner ingredients in the morning or on the weekend. Prewash and cut veggies for salads and side dishes. Marinate meats and chicken. Make sauces. When you come home during the week, you can throw the meal together in a fraction of the time. Need to save more time? Dust off the crock pot!
Go over your schedule


Review Schedules

Review your next day's schedule, and your kids' schedules, the day before. There's nothing like a forgotten ballet lesson or baseball practice to throw a wrench into your well thought out plans.
Read with your kids


Read Along

Establish a family-wide study hour (or two) when kids are doing their homework, and Mom and Dad doing their reading as well. Kids are more likely to focus on homework if they don't feel they are missing out on something.
Save chores for the weekend


Save It Until Later

Avoid unnecessary chores. Don't get over-involved in paying bills or laundry—conquer chores on the weekend when you have more time.
Designate study time


No Homework?

Being homework-free doesn't mean your child gets a night off. Use the designated study time for reading or some other learning activity. Establishing learning as a nightly routine will help your child stay on track.