I was an NFL wife. It was a roller coaster ride. Rodney played for six teams over his career: Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers and the hardest team to play for, the Philadelphia Eagles.

As the wife of an NFL quarterback I've been applauded, cussed out, praised, hated and even pelted with the last bite of a cheesesteak during my years in the NFL. Rodney may have been wearing the pads, but, girl, I felt like I was out there too. When a 300-pound man tried to crush him, let me tell you: I felt it too. Though I didn't struggle to get out of bed Monday morning.

During the last years of our NFL days, I wrote a book: Get Your Own Damn Beer I'm Watching the Game!: A Women's Guide to Loving Pro Football. I had the best time telling stories of my crazy NFL days and explaining the game to ladies who were getting their heads bitten off when they asked their impatient and often condescending husbands questions. I got the idea when my girlfriends would call me during Rodney's games (a huge no-no) asking me questions about what the heck was going happening on the field. Some didn't even know the difference between a touchdown and a home run. 

Ladies, watching a football game is a fun, intense way to spend an afternoon, once you understand it. So give it a shot. Learning about it can be a fun process. And it can be very healthy for a relationship with your pig-skin-lovin' man.

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