Also, just imagine looking forward to a long Sunday afternoon, snuggling in front of the TV with your man, instead of being relegated to beer and chips detail. Can you see that? Imagine, too, that on Sundays your man no longer calls his guys over to watch the game because there is no one he'd rather watch it with but you! Some of my girlfriends have described football as "barbaric" and nothing more than a bunch of guys running around patting each other on the butt, but it's so much more than that.

I love professional football. Truth is, I am probably more in my element talking football with guys on a TV show set than I am chatting with my girlfriends about a hot new pair of Christian Louboutin shoes! It's a human chess match. It really can be exhilarating, intricate and edge-of-your-seat suspenseful. It has drama, gossip and some pretty hunky cutie-pies—I even married one! 

So many people ask me if I love the game only because I was married to it for so many years. The answer is no—I love pro football because I was born in Philadelphia, with a die-hard Eagles fan father who "bled Eagle green." When the Eagles won, I got Good Humor ice cream; when they lost, well, things were very gloomy around the Robinson house. My childhood happiness was inextricably linked to Eagle "W's" (wins). Does that sound sad? It wasn't. It's how I bonded with my daddy. Imagine a couple decades later when I actually married an Eagles quarterback! Whew! That was a like fairy tale, wrapped inside a dream, wrapped inside a fantasy for my dad, and it didn't hurt that his son-in-law was actually a great guy!

What was life like as an NFL wife?


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