Wendy: I realized that what I wanted was for us to be married, committed—I wanted to grow old with Dan! A month later, in 2006, we got remarried in Barbados.

Dan: And we got therapy.

Wendy: That helped both of us validate our hurt feelings about what had been happening. We needed to pay someone $100 an hour to say, "Yes, you're both right!"

Dan: We realized it's okay not to agree on everything—that we could choose our battles. And that if we dealt with problems as a team, we were much less likely to let stress pull us apart.

Wendy: Dan used to be the silent-treatment guy, but now if something's on the radar, we talk about it. We can go to bed mad at each other—I don't buy into that whole "never go to sleep angry" thing—but when we wake up the next day, we're over it.

Dan: Once we stopped acting like teenagers and finally jumped in with both feet, we realized how much we really love each other. And how much we like each other. Now we do almost everything as a couple. We play card games, we play Scrabble, we go boating.

Wendy: Every night, we sit at the water's edge and have a glass of wine.

Dan: Our families still think we're crazy.

Wendy: But we're just crazy about each other.

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