Gayle: I know. It is cringe-y when I see it now, because it's so foreign to what you do. And who you are.
Oprah: Well, my intention is always to do good. That's how I've evolved personally, and also how I think the show has evolved. And those intentions have come back to me multimillionfold. I genuinely feel appreciated and loved by this audience that has grown up with me. Which, for me, is a huge, huge, huge accomplishment. Because I grew up feeling the opposite of that. Feeling a void, as a little girl, feeling that really nobody loved me. So to be surrounded by this, that is what I'm going to feel. And when you see the tears on the last show, that's what those tears will be about. Those tears will not be about sadness. They will be about feeling the love of all—I'm gonna cry right now—of all those people.

Gayle: I feel that, too.
Oprah: That's what the tears will be for. They'll be for all the people we have reached, and the lives that we've touched, and the people who responded in kind and in kindness.

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