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My dog, Chula, chose my husband-to-be. Prior to being transferred to California, Chula (it means "cute girl" in Spanish even though she was uglier than a mud fence so I had to have "cute" in her name) developed a dislike for all men following an attempted break-in where she tried to jump through a double-paned window trying to get at a man trying to get into my house. Fortunately, she frightened off the burglar, but she didn't like men after that incident. So, every man I tried to date, she would create quite a challenge at every door greeting.

But one man, whom I met on a blind date following my transfer to California, surprised me with a visit at my home the next night after meeting him. Not knowing who it was, I opened the door with her standing at my side. Upon realizing who it was, I began to hold her back. She had her back hair sticking straight up and her snarling teeth showing. Andy—a huge man, 6'8" tall—bent down on his knees and spoke in a somewhat high voice and said, "Well, hello, Chula. How's my little cute dog?" I don't remember the rest of his greeting, but for the first time in years, Chula met a man without hesitation and greeted him with a sweet doggie kiss, and she loved him ever since. I felt if this man could "deface" himself for the sake of my precious Chula, he was worth marrying!

— Sherri Gust of Folsom, California