Herbert Spencer

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My husband, Phil, has dentures. One evening as he was preparing to shower, he took out his teeth and placed them on the bathroom sink. He went for a clean towel, and when he came back, his teeth were missing. We searched for an hour, and they were nowhere to be found. He was forced to go to work for days without them.

Our son Josh was in the high school marching band, and on that following Saturday we went to a Tournament of Bands, and Phil took a short nap in the car. One of the students went to get him for the show, and when he got there, Phil was asleep with his mouth gaping wide open, clearly visible that his teeth were missing. Mike came back and told the kids, and then Josh relayed the story about the teeth and that we believed our cat, Herbert Spencer, had stolen them, but we were unable to find them. When Phil arrived back to the field, all the band members began teasing him saying "What's the matter Mr. Phil, the cat got your teeth?"

Well, several days later, our son was watching TV and covered himself with an afghan. Lo and behold, the dentures were wrapped in the afghan. My son called my husband and told him he had just been bitten! Two weeks later, Phil's watch was missing and we found it in Herbie's secret hiding spot—the afghan! The afghan is long gone, and now Herbie has hiding spots we know nothing about, but we are certain when things are missing, Herbie has absconded with them! Herbert Spencer is such a funny cat that family members say we should write a book about him.

— Glenda Bailey of Pasadena, Manitoba, Canada