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Titan is the dog who almost closed an airport. As the Cal-State Fullerton ROTC mascot, my little westie,Titan, wore a camouflage "uniform" I got from a teddy bear. When I said "Attention," he did. "Present Arms," he stood up with paws in the air; "low crawl," he did. "About face," he turned in a circle, and "grenade," he rolled over.

We were in the Baltimore/Washington International Airport the first day it opened after 9/11, and the lines were hours long. Titan was fidgeting in the Sherpa travel bag and those in line around me said, 'Oh, cute dog.' I said, 'Hey, he does tricks' and let him out of the bag. Until I unthinking commanded "grenade"—causing a panic and security came running. Oops!

— Elizabeth van Dooren of Asheville, North Carolina