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I have a shih tzu who is adorable, but none too bright! He is a major mama's boy and wants a bite of anything I have to eat. One day, I was sitting at the dining table and Tippy was sitting quietly nearby (he never begs, just drills holes in you with his eyes!), but every hair on his body was twitching! I was having a salad and knew he wouldn't eat any greens, but I had a mandarin orange in the salad yet, so I broke off a small piece of orange and tossed to him. I thought he had caught it and was eating it, but he kept sniffing around on the floor and whining. I didn't know if he wanted more or what. I called him, and he looked up at me and there was the bite of mandarin orange stuck to the fur right above his nose! He could smell it, but he couldn't find it. I nearly fell out of the chair laughing, then I grabbed the camera and took a picture. The grandkids loved it!

— Cheryl Draheim of Cedar Rapids, Iowa