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Mistake #3: Pretending That You Don't Know a Lot About Each Other, When You Actually Do
Let's acknowledge that it can be awkward to meet someone after having admired her Instagram food photography from afar, or having heard stories from mutual friends. So you say nothing; you pretend she really is a stranger, and that's even more awkward, because she probably knows that you know, and you know that she knows that you know and, oh, the whole run-around makes it seem like you aren't paying attention or simply don't care. There is nothing more off-putting than feeling like someone cares so little about you that they can't even be bothered to acknowledge your semi-shared history. Even if it feels weird, say, "I loved those cupcake photos you tagged Sam in," or even just the plain, vanilla, "The new girlfriend! Hi, I've heard so many wonderful things about you." Compliments: the easiest way to make potentially awkward situations more comfortable for everyone.