How did I manage to change my energy state to "happy"?

1. I told myself that what I just experienced was a day segment which began and ended in the Apple store. If there'd been a film crew, they'd have packed up and left. I was now onto a new and better day segment.

2. I got quiet within. I asked myself: "What can I do and where can I go to pivot into a happier mood?" Out of nowhere the answer popped into my head: "Have breakfast at Pastis."

Weird, I thought. I hadn't been to Pastis for breakfast in more than five years. I started to walk toward Pastis. As I did, I passed The Soho House where I usually have breakfast when I'm in this New York City neighborhood. I was tempted to head into The Soho House—land of the familiar!

"No, no, no, go to Pastis!" I heard in my head. "You're meant to go to Pastis. Your iPod broke to get you down here today because you're meant to go to Pastis this morning."

I heard this thought so strongly, I had to laugh. I'm a rational woman, so it seemed silly. Although I'm spiritual—and believe in intuition—I'm also logical. I am what I've humorously coined as "spiritualogical." When intuitions come to me, I often rationally talk myself out of them. However on this morning, I heard this intuition so strongly not only did I decide to listen, I made a deal with myself: If something were to happen to me at Pastis, I would thereafter always listen to my intuition.

Off I jaunted to Pastis, my mood now changed to one of excitement and curiosity. So much so, I noticed how it was a beautiful day; so when I arrived to the restaurant, I asked to be seated outside. The maître d' took me to an especially sunny table right in front of a handsome stranger, who began a conversation with me within minutes. Eventually he asked to join my table. Then he asked me for my phone number. Then he asked me to dinner. Another dinner. Another dinner. A weekend away. My hand in marriage. This handsome stranger is now my fiancé with those fabulous adjective-dropping qualities.

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