Aprils' dad with his bicycle

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My father was my role model for much of my life. When I got a D in pre-algebra in 7th grade, he said I "needed to learn discipline" and made me run with him after work every day, 3 miles a day! I hated it at first, but came to love it as our check-in time. Today, I love running because of my father. He was a single dad with two girls when he died, two weeks after my 21st birthday. Had he not raised us to believe we could do anything we put our minds to, we would not be where we are today.
His litany was always, "Look 20 miles ahead, because I'm not always going to be here." My father set a bar by loving and appreciating us and always believing when others doubted. I didn't realize it until I got older that he was teaching my sister and me how to love each other and that his legacy was ensuring neither of us would be left alone in this world.

— April, Pleasant Hill, California