Rahi, her dad and mother

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My father died of cancer in 2008. He was suffering from oesophageal cancer, and once it was diagnosed, there were not many options left apart from palliative care. The last few months were terrible for him to live and for us to watch him dying. I felt deeply the meaning of a conscious death. He used to lie on bed and stared helplessly at the mirror. As an anesthesiologist, I realized how traumatic and painful it is to accept when it comes to your own near and dear ones. Being on the other end has made me a different human being all together.
I think my dad was a very brave man. Whenever I am low these days, I just think of him, how strong he was. My attitude toward my profession has changed. When I approach any patient's relatives in a similar situation, I recognize that they are going to lose a very important person. My dad has left me to be a better person and a better doctor. I can't bring him back, but I can try hard to be a better human being, a loving mom, a caring daughter and a great doctor. 

— Rahi, Cincinnati