Margaret Stewart and her brother Dale

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I am very fortunate to have an amazing brother Dale. My father was out of my life by age 10, but Dale, nine years older than me, stepped right in. He taught me to play sports (which got me to/through college), to stay away from drugs/alcohol, be a loyal friend and follow my passions. He has always been my anchor in life. He was a 19-year-old kid going to my father-daughter Girl Scout banquets, coaching my softball team, helping pay for my club sports, and later vetting my first date! How many fathers even spend that much time with their children today?

He has been a firefighter/paramedic for 25 years, dedicating his life to helping and protecting those in need. And at the age of 36, I made a huge career change and followed in his footsteps. Now we have even more in common—the fire service. Both Dale and my sister, Heather, have never failed to support and guide me throughout my life. We all have a very close relationship and I would be lost without them.

Margaret, Fallbrook, California